Harbor MedTech Announces Interim Results of the Architect® Method of Action Study by the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University

Irvine, California – March 17, 2016.   Harbor MedTech, Inc. announced today the interim results of a Method of Action Study of its Architect® Stabilized Collagen Matrix by the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Cell Based Therapies at the Wexner Medical Center of The Ohio State University.  Architect® is the only stabilized wound matrix available to treat complex and chronic skin wounds such as Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Venous Leg Ulcers, Pressure Ulcers, and many other serious skin wounds.

In a poster presentation by Drs. Shomita Steiner, Piya Ghatak, Amitava Das, Sashwati Roy, and led by Dr. Chandan Sen, Dr. Steiner stated that preliminary observations support the belief that Architect® improves wound closure by providing a stable scaffold while serving as a catalyst for human keratinocytes and macrophages, two of the most important cell types essential for wound healing.  Dr. Steiner also noted that Architect® appeared to stimulate patient’s anti-microbial peptide (AMP) defense system in the wound.

Chandan K. Sen, PhD, Professor of Surgery and Director of The Ohio State University’s Center for Regenerative Medicine and Cell Based Therapies, praised the work of Dr. Steiner’s team and added “What we are seeing with Architect® are wound healing activities we have not seen with other products.  Although these are early data, we seem to be on a path that could lead to a novel mechanism of action by a wound dressing.”

Jerry Mezger, President of Harbor MedTech, said “We are very pleased with the work being done at The Ohio State University.  With the excellent clinical results we see every day with Architect®, and the published studies indicating faster wound healing by Architect®, we are gratified to learn how stabilizing the collagen matrix in Architect® yields such terrific results.”

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