IRVINE, Ca – April 27, 2016. Harbor MedTech, Inc., announced today an expansion of insurance coverage to nearly all of the 55 million Medicare patients in the U.S. for its flagship product, Architect®, one of the fastest growing biologic wound healing products in the United States.
Harbor stated that by mid-May 2016, all but one of the eight Medicare Administrative Contractors (“MACs”) will have completed their evaluation of Architect® and granted reimbursement eligibility for its use in treating serious chronic skin wounds. Only one MAC covering just Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia has yet to expand Medicare coverage to Architect®.
As explained by Harbor, over 6 million Americans suffer annually from chronic skin wounds like diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, pressure ulcers/sores, 2nd degree burns, trauma and surgical wounds. Over $25 billion is spent annually treating these wounds and yet they remain the leading cause of amputation in the United States. Clinical studies have shown advanced wound care products, especially “skin substitutes” made from human or animal tissue, are superior to standard methods of care. Still, 90% of potential patients are not treated with skin substitutes due to their rapid degradation and need for many re-applications, leading to very high costs and patient inconvenience.
According to Harbor, Architect® is the first product of Harbor’s patented BriDGE technology. Architect® is the first of a new class of “advanced biologic wound matrix” products that work with the patient’s native growth factors to sustain an accelerated rate of wound healing to achieve faster healing at a lower cost. Clinical studies of Architect® indicate that it can heal these chronic skin wounds in half the time, with just one application, when compared to today’s leading skin substitutes which typically require weekly applications covering a number of months.
“We are extremely pleased that Architect® is now available for treating over 93% of the 55 million eligible Medicare patients,” said Jerry Mezger, President and CEO of Harbor MedTech, Inc. “It has taken us over three years to obtain these MAC approvals. With published clinical studies indicating Architect’s® superior wound healing performance at a much lower cost than any of the leading skin substitute products, this is extremely important for Medicare patients and our healthcare system.”

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