Apr. 10, 2017…IRVINE, Calif.…Harbor MedTech, a commercial-stage regenerative medicine company delivering innovative biologic wound-healing products, presented a Poster on Architect®, its advanced wound-healing product, and BriDGE®, its unique technology.

The scientific poster, “Stabilized Collagen Matrix Dressing Improves Macrophage Recruitment and Wound Epithelialization” was presented at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care and Wound Healing Society Spring Conference, April 5 – April 9, 2017, in San Diego, California and was selected for the WHS Industrial Research & Development Poster Award Competition.

The poster was a presentation of ongoing research, led by Dr. Chandan K. Sen, Executive Director of Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Wound Center. Dr. Sen’s work involves a variety of in vitro and animal studies that initially describe the mechanism of action of Architect, a stabilized collagen matrix, for the treatment of a variety of wound types. These studies suggest that Architect may serve as a scaffold for cells within the wound microenvironment and may provide effective defenses against bacterial colonization and wound infection. In vivo, application of Architect stimulated an early, robust recruitment of activated macrophages to the wound site, enhanced wound collagen deposition in support of healing, and most importantly, improved wound epithelialization.

Dr. Sen’s earlier work had indicated Architect may discourage biofilm formation while empowering the body’s own immune mechanisms. Taking all of these findings together, the investigators propose that Architect supports the healing process through accelerated epithelialization, improved collagen deposition, and enhanced immune responses.

“We are excited about these most recent findings from Dr. Sen’s ongoing study of Architect,” said Jerry Mezger, president and CEO of Harbor MedTech. “Architect’s unique mechanism of action, fueled by our patented BriDGE technology, which enables Architect to heal wounds in as few as one application, reinforces that Architect will meet the critical unmet needs in treating chronic skin wounds.”

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Harbor MedTech, Inc., is a commercial-stage regenerative medicine company that has pioneered a new technology platform for biologic wound healing products. The company’s BriDGE® platform is a major advance in tissue regeneration—offering exceptional performance and an excellent economic advantage. Harbor MedTech was founded in 2010 and is based in Irvine, Calif.

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