Harbor MedTech’s Architect® Skin Substitute Awarded Medicare Coverage by Noridian Healthcare Solutions

Irvine, California – February 10, 2016.    Harbor MedTech, Inc., a fully integrated and diversified tissue regeneration company, announced today that it had received confirmation from Medicare Administrative Contractor, Noridian Healthcare Solutions, that Harbor’s flagship product, Architect® has been approved for coverage when applied in the hospital outpatient and ambulatory surgery center settings.  The coverage of Architect by Noridian is effective immediately for 2 of the 12 Medicare jurisdictions, including California, Nevada, and Hawaii plus 10 states (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Utah and Arizona) as well as several territories of the United States.

Architect is a unique extracellular collagen matrix (“ECM”) cleared by the FDA for use as a skin substitute to help manage the treatment of partial or full thickness skin wounds, including diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, pressure ulcers/sores, trauma and surgical wounds.   ECMs are used as “skin substitutes” because of their important tissue regeneration properties.  Unfortunately, ECMs are susceptible to rapid degradation in serious or chronic skin wounds, reducing their effectiveness and increasing their cost.   Engineered from Harbor’s patented BriDGE® technology, Architect is the only stabilized ECM that requires only one application to the wound.

“We are extremely pleased that Architect is now available for treating Medicare patients in outpatient clinics and ambulatory care facilities,” said Jerry Mezger, President and CEO of Harbor.  “Not only has Architect proven to be one of the most effective skin substitutes, it is also the most cost effective skin substitute treatment.’

“With this decision by Noridian, Architect is now covered by Medicare in 31 states, representing more than half of all Medicare patients in the U.S.,” added Mr. Mezger.  “Cost containment has become a very high priority within Medicare and they see the extreme value offered by Architect.”


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