Clinical Needs

Skin and connective tissue contains a three-dimensional structure of collagen and other proteins called the "extracellular matrix" (the "ECM") which is the essential "scaffold" for soft tissue to properly heal from trauma, disease, or even surgery. If a significant portion of the ECM is destroyed, such as from serious burns and chronic wounds like diabetic, venous, or pressure ulcers, normal healing stagnates. Read More

BriDGE Technology

ECM's made from xenografts, or tissue from animal sources, are becoming the preferred device choice over to human cadaver or synthetic products for a variety of reasons, including cost, ease of handling and better outcomes. To make xenografts more suitable for human implant they usually undergo a proprietary process to stabilize its collagen. Harbor recently entered into a strategic partnership with Edwards Lifesciences...Read More


Harbor is commercializing 2 families of products with its BriDGE technology platform. Our first product, Architect™ is FDA cleared as an advanced wound care therapy. Our Surgical Mesh products are in development for advanced solutions for repair of hernias, breast reconstruction, orthopedics, and many other applications. Read More