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Perfectly aligned with US, Global healthcare priorities
Our BriDGE collagen processing technology has distinctive features that promise superior solutions to many applications. 
Those features include:
  • Proven accelerated healing of difficult skin and surgical wounds;
  • Proven tissue regeneration to strengthen the healed wound site;
  • Proven antimicrobial properties to help prevent infection;
  • Slow degradation profile to extend the abovementioned features in the wound site;
  • All in a convenient, biocompatible, sterile and easy to use form;
  • Usable for both open & arthroscopic surgeries.

Harbor MedTech's Current Products:

BriDGE Technology Products

1.  BPMatrix®
  • Pure, intact, strong biologic product for stimulating tissue regeneration & infection prevention in all orthopedic and general surgical repairs;
  • Many sizes, shapes;
  • With or without woven polymer reinforcement.


​Harbor intends to launch several unique BPMatrix products for soft tissue repair applications including Achilles tendon, rotator cuff, hernia, and breast reconstruction.
Since BriDGE-based products have fast-track 510(k) designation, the Company expects FDA clearance and CE mark in 2021.
2.  PROcuff™ Bioimplant
  • BPMatrix mounted on patented woven sutures for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair to accelerate healing;
  • 1st multi-purpose rotator cuff bioimplant
    • ​For minimally invasive repair combining structural support with accelerated healing from the BPMatrix component.
  • In partnership with Bioventus – FDA clearance anticipated in 2022, at which time Harbor will be the exclusive supplier of PROcuff.

 First BriDGE Product for Chronic Skin Wounds:  Architect®

  • 1st FDA approved stabilized collagen matrix for chronic skin wounds:
    • ​Twice the healing rate of leading skin substitutes, including amniotic products
    • The only One and Done® solution
  • Cuts treatment cost by 75%;
  • Ready for commercial launch when reimbursement changes.  Learn More
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