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Delivering on the Promise of Regenerative Medicine

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Harbor MedTech, Inc. is a fully integrated, commercial-stage regenerative medicine company focused on advanced orthopedic soft tissue repair solutions using our patented BriDGE® technology.

Our BriDGE® Technology transforms readily available, intact Type-1 collagen into a bio-friendly, stabilized collagen matrix which acts as a trigger to activate the patient’s own healing cascade.

Pre-clinical and clinical experience has demonstrated that our BriDGE-processed collagen matrix, when applied to chronic skin wounds or internal soft tissue injuries, acts to:

  • Accelerate wound healing;

  • Activate & support tissue regeneration;

  • Limit the formation of scar tissue and

  • Limit the formation of infectious biofilm.

Harbor MedTech currently has two FDA-cleared & CE marked products, & a broad pipeline that leverages our patented BriDGE® Collagen Processing Technology


Our product pipeline is addressing:


  • Orthobiologic Soft Tissue (Sports Medicine) injuries;

  • General Surgical Repair of Hernia & Breast Reconstruction;

  • Difficult to Heal Chronic Skin Wounds.

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