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For Soft Tissue Orthopedic Repair

Sports Medicine


Repairing torn tendons and ligaments is challenging because of a limited blood supply to those tissues, leading to a long rehabilitation and high rates of re-tears.  Surgeons have always known that supplementing the surgical repair with a collagen implant has the potential to accelerate healing and improve the repair long term. 


But today’s collagen implants all come with compromises, including unfavorable biocompatibility, high cost, and limited supply.  Sometimes the surgeon even resorts to surgically transplanting tissue from one part of the patient’s body to the repair site, resulting in two surgeries.

Harbor’s BriDGE-processed collagen is the ideal solution.  It is proven totally biocompatible, low cost, and with an unlimited supply.  Most importantly, our BriDGE-processed collagen has tissue regenerating and infection prohibiting properties.



BPMatrix is an intact bioinductive collagen implant that can be implanted arthroscopically or in an open procedure to reinforce and accelerate the repair of any torn tendon or ligament in any joint of the body.  BPMatrix is a stabilized collagen matrix designed to attract and nourish the patient’s own growth factors during entire healing process and then completely dissolve when its job is done.

BPMatrix is sourced from an unlimited supply of tendonous collagen tissue and comes in a range of sizes, from 10x15 cm down to 1x3 cm, but is only 0.3 mm thick.

BPMatrix packaged fully sterile (not asceptic, but sterile to SAL 10-6) with a 2-year shelf life.

BPMatrix has been shown in pre-clinical studies to heal the tendon or ligament by inducing the growth of new native tissue, resulting in thicker and stronger repaired tissue.

BPMatrix™ is a BriDGE-processed intact bovine pericardium bioimplant for accelerated healing of injured ligaments and tendons

Cross section of implant site at 6 weeks, showing:

  • Tissue regeneration (“New Tendon”)

  • Intact and slowly degrading BriDGE Implant

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